How Does Your Brain Fall in LOVE?

LOVE. The undying subject of writers, the very reason of poetry and the enigma itself.

So, what do we know of love? How do you fall in love? Or rather what happens to your brain when you’re falling in love? Is it always magical? If it is then there’s got to be something going on inside your brain like a biological reaction.

girl and boy in love
                                                     Oxytocin overload 😊😉

              Scientists, doctors, neurologists and psychologists have endeavored to come up with an explanation of how the brain falls in love. Basically, when you are falling in love, certain neurotransmitters increase in some drugs. The cortisol level which is the stress hormones increases causing you to feel nervous while the oxytocin level also increases causing you to feel amorous. A woman’s testosterone goes up causing her to be aggressive while a man’s drops causing him to be more passive and in both, the serotonin drops causing them to be a little obsessed. Though we know what happens to our brains, we don’t know how we get there.

Here’s the catch, a man and a woman seem to be falling in love differently. When our folks say, “Don’t jump in the bed with that man too quick,” it seems like there is some science to it. A certain study shows that a woman is likely to fall in love when she engages in sex. Why? Because the oxytocin level (which is responsible for trust hormones) skyrockets when a woman has orgasms. So generally, the more a woman engages in sex with a man she’s interested in, the more likely she falls in love with him.

This is maybe why most dating coaches would advice a “3-month rule” or a “5 date rule” before the “sex”. But it can’t be oxytocin for a man because of testosterone. Testosterone blocks the effect of oxytocin. However, there is this vasopressin which increases when a man is dating the woman he’s interested in. But, unlike in the case of a woman, the vasopressin’s level drops when a man has sex. So, this maybe explains why a man goes MIA after he gets between her pants while the woman’s feelings go stronger. Imagine how tragic it could be.

in love, holding hands
                                                  My brain is in love 🤔🤔

Back in the days, when a woman wanted the man to fall in love with her, she knew she couldn’t sleep with him right away. What does it mean for us? Well, a woman tends to fall in love when she trusts the person she’s dating and the feeling gets even stronger when she sleeps with him while a man falls in love when he has commitment and not solely because of sex.  

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