Reasons Why You Need to Keep Your Life Private

Let me be direct. Are you one of those people who value privacy so much? Because I do. And I think if you’re like me, we would agree on what I have to say about the reasons why you need to keep your life private and away from prying, judgmental eyes.  I have always been selective of my circle of friends and who I trust with my deepest thoughts. I am not good at talking to strangers and I’m kind of indifferent if I’m in the middle of a crowd with no friends to talk to. In short, I’m awkward. BUT! I could be the most talkative person if I’m with the right people —- my kind of right people. So, are we alike?

Anyway, with all that is happening in our society, I’ve come to realize the importance of privacy. And nowadays, it’s really hard to keep even if you’re not a public figure or a celebrity at all. It’s annoying how people always have something to say about how you live your life like it’s their freaking business. All you have to do is walk right in front of them and when they happen to lay their eyes on you, voila! Now, you’re the topic.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to keep your life private IF by some miracle you managed to keep it that way.

1. It’s good for your mental health.

Well, you know how easily we get distracted by other people’s opinion of us, of how we live our lives, the choices we make, the passions that we pursue, the work that we do, how we behave in public or simply the way we look. The list is endless and if you’re gonna focus on other people’s words against you, you’re gonna lose your sanity. It’s definitely not good for your mental health. I know words can be hurtful and awful but you have to train your mind not to dwell on those things. It’s hard and it’s a process but you have to be strong. What other choice do you have?

So, to clear your mind, I think it’s best not to tell people your plans and your next move. You don’t owe them explanations about your life. There is no need to explain why you do things. I agree with living your life the way you want it as long as you’re not hurting other people and as long as you’re happy, go for it!

For additional tips, keep your social media private. Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t even know personally. What’s the point? Stop caring about how much “like” you get from your posts in facebook. The “likes” won’t define who you are. You got to have a good grip of who you are as a person and that is something that other people can’t take away from you. In that way, you’ll have a peaceful mind.

Be careful who you share your secrets to. Not all people would understand and look at you the same way. Your secrets, your deepest thoughts, your dreams and your desires, you have to share them with those who love you genuinely. Makes life easier, don’t you agree?

Let people wonder about you. Let them be confused. If they talk, let them! And you —- you just have to sit there like a queen or king.

2. A private life is a happy life.

If you’re not bothered by other people’s opinion of you because you know exactly who you are, then there’s enough reason to be happy. It would be so much better if your only focus is yourself and your goals. If you know how to mind your own business then you’ve saved yourself from unnecessary drama and toxicity. Don’t feel the need to share every detail of your life to other people because nothing good will come out of it. Keep it low-key.

Just because you don’t post your life in social media doesn’t mean that you’re not happy. Remember that you have the control over how much you want other people to know about what’s happening in your life. Be the writer of your own story.

Choose to be happy. Always do so.

3. It makes you a better person.

Keeping your life private and minding your own business will make you a better person. It allows you to value the most important relationship that you’re going to have —- the one with yourself. You’ll attract positive and good energy. It allows you to reflect on what truly matters in this life. You’ll master the ability to shrug off gossips. What good would they bring?

Lastly, I think we tend to overshare to other people because we want to be understood. We want to be accepted because we feel like there is something lacking. But when our self-esteem is intact, then we get a good sense of what to keep to ourselves and what to share because it no longer comes from a place of lack but of contentment.

Life is hard as it is. We can’t do anything about it so let’s do our best to live happily and to love genuinely.

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