What We Need is Kindness

Life, an enigma itself sometimes throws us things and circumstances that can make us give up on ourselves and those around us. When everything is blurred and uncertain, all we could do is sit at the corner, lurk at the shadows and doubt every single decision we’ve made. Yes, we’ve had moments like this. We deal with our demons and struggle to live above them. When we couldn’t find hope and the darkness is threatening to devour us, sometimes, the only thing that can save us from ourselves is a brave and KIND soul. You may be very happy at this exact moment, but it would only take 2 seconds of UNKIND words to ruin your day. Kindness, it might be our salvation. So, tell me if words don’t matter because they do. ALL.THE.TIME.

KINDNESS. This is what we need from people (especially those who claim to love us), not their judgement. When our insecurities creep in, what we need is reassurance and kind words not the hurtful ones. One thing that I’ve learned in life the hard way is “Honesty without tact or kindness is cruelty.” I know there are times when we need to be slapped by the truth but without kindness, without the right words, it would be for nothing. It won’t help you grow.

What does it take to be kind, then? I think we need an open mind to be kind to people (even those who we think are not deserving). When we set aside our prejudices, when we LISTEN, really LISTEN to someone’s story, that’s how we show it. However, it is a challenge to find the right words to comfort a person without sugar coating and tolerating a mistake. It takes maturity to understand that. Sometimes, you show it with your mere presence. The absence of words is kindness in itself. Other times, saying “NO” and not doing anything is also being kind. If it doesn’t help the person, keep your words to yourself.


My dear love, we are all guilty of being UNKIND to other people. We do it all the time, deliberately and unintentionally. That’s an individual struggle. But you choose who you want to be. You see, you can be very kind to others. But you are most of all, very CRUEL to yourself. You think I don’t know how you let other people define who you are? You risk losing yourself when you let others dictate how you act in public, how you dress, how you speak. My sweet love, KINDNESS also begets KINDNESS. You need to be kind to yourself first before you can truly manifest it to others. Find that within you and trust that you will be okay.

           Choose kindness, my sweet love.

No matter what happens, do not choose darkness. Choose KINDNESS. There’s still hope for humanity yet.

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