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If you haven’t read this yet, you probably… NO, scratch that, you MUST ABSOLUTELY add this to your “list.” A decent bookworm might have come across Colleen Hoover, a No. 1 Best Selling Author who doesn’t want to be put in a box and be confined to one genre though one might say she’s mostly into romance. But you see, this book of hers, VERITY (published on December 7th of 2018) is an indie work and a standalone romance thriller that will make you flip the pages nonstop.

What Will You Expect From the Book?

Fair warning to avid readers, the ENDING of VERITY could f*** your mind up, leave you bleeding and reeling. For a moment you might think it’s a typical romance but nope, I’m telling you to brace yourself and get a drink. You’ll need it afterwards. It’s a roller coaster ride. If you think it’s an exaggeration, go ahead and read it yourself.

Those who have read it would say it’s unsettling, deliciously dark, twisted, creepy at some point and simply disturbing. You might even encounter some jaw-dropping chapters. There’s a darkness to it. Danger is just around the corner. You could feel the intensity and tension right down to your bones. The pictures painted in your heads are so vivid you could scream, “Get the hell out of there!”, “WTF!”, “How could anyone do that?”

What is the Book All About?

TRUTH. That’s basically what the book is all about. But how well can truth be twisted or manipulated? How sick could a mind possibly get?  Can you really handle the truth? If you knew the truth from the beginning, would you change your actions? Would you take responsibility? Can you really trust someone whose reputation is faulty and when biases have already taken root in your head? Can one secret destroy something so pure? How on earth would you even know what truth to believe in? My fellow bookworms, these are possible questions that might be running in your heads after perusing it. I’m not even going to discuss the characters because I want you to know them personally should you decide to read it.

Verity, Lowen and Jeremy, I don’t know what to do with the three of you. You’re a bunch of complicated mess.

So, if you see a copy, grab it and READ it! You’d be the judge.  

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